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Reclaim Your Healthy Smile… and Finally Enjoy Your Life Again with New Dentures!

How would you like to

  • Look and feel years younger without any “miracle” creams or expensive surgeries.
  • Be able to enjoy your food again instead of struggling to chew each bite?
  • Speak clearly and smile confidently again.

Thanks to the reliable denture services we offer at Dreamworks Dental, now you can!

Regardless of how you’ve lost your teeth, missing teeth can make everyday things most people take for granted difficult. For example, it becomes hard to speak and eat. Losing most of your natural teeth can even make you look older by causing your mouth to sag.

Fortunately, dentures give you back your quality of life and your beautiful smile! These removable appliances replace missing teeth so you can function and feel your best.

You’ll discover a wide variety of quality, custom-made dentures to give you the peace of mind and comfort you desire. We can also replace or repair broken dentures.

We offer the following denture types:

  • Conventional: These are fully removable dentures that are made to fit your mouth once all of your natural teeth have been removed and your mouth has healed.
  • Immediate: You can get this removable denture the same day your remaining teeth are removed. The dentist will create a model of your teeth prior to your visit so that you don’t have to be without teeth during the healing period.
  • Overdenture: If some of your teeth can be saved to provide stability and support for the removable denture, you can get an overdenture. This removable appliance fits over your remaining natural teeth and works similarly to implants.

New dentures can take some time to get used to, and you might experience some soreness. However, they can give you back the ease and confidence you’ve been lacking and improve your overall health.

It’s crucial to continue maintaining good oral hygiene even with dentures. Always be sure to brush your gums, tongue, and the roof of your mouth every morning before inserting your dentures to stimulate the tissues and keep plaque from forming.

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