Dreamworks Dental Savings Plan

Our Dallas team of experts are proud to offer our community the Dreamworks Dental Savings Plan which is a savings plan that can help families and individuals save hundreds of dollars in dental care. This is not a traditional savings plan, but a membership plan fee. We believe it is more of an inconvenience postponing a crucial dental appointment because of the cost of dental care. Avoiding the dentist could cause a higher rise in dental treatment depending on the state of your smile. The Dental Savings Plan includes exams, X-Rays, dental cleanings twice a year, and free teeth whitening once a year. We also proud 25% off all major dental work including crowns, root canals, dentures, and more!

This Savings Plan can help single individuals and families save up to $2,394 in total with our plan. Patients who use our Dreamworks Savings Plan will receive access to all of the dental services we offer in our Dallas location. There is no waiting period after purchasing our dental savings plan which means your coverage will start after payment is received. We make it easy for you to access high-quality dental services with only the leading Dallas dentists and Dallas orthodontists.